End Game: does Amavi’s closing foretell the fate of youth culture? — Alexa Schirtzinger,  Santa Fe Reporter 2/15/2012

Zane Fischer, The 10 Best, Restaurant Guide 2011-2012, Santa Fe Reporter, 2011-2012. Zane writes:

dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients don’t necessarily taste better – unless you put them in the skilled hands of chef Megan Tucker … her thoughtful, flavorful creations seem to suggest that she feels the rhythm of the harvest in her bones

Alexa Schirtzinger & Zane Fischer, Where to Eat What to Eat, Restaurant Guide 2011-2012, Santa Fe Reporter, 2011-2012. Alexa and Zane praise:

Chef Megan Tucker is a locavore’s Locavore

Douglas Anthony Cooper, Santa Fe Restaurants Enter a New Age, Food & Wine Magazine, 9/2011. Anthony writes:

Megan Tucker, the sensational new chef … promotes farmer-chef relationships … does not so much buy ingredients as curate them

Lesley S. King, One Planet, One Sustainable Pot Luck, Trend, Spring /Summer 2011. Lesley quotes:

‘by spending locally, I put money right into the farmer’s pocket’ …each dollar spent this way is a ‘vote for sustainability’

New chef Megan Tucker no Stranger to Amavi restaurant — Rob De Walt, Running with a Fork, Santa Fe New Mexican 3/23/2010